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Super simple jQuery plugin to add zooming to your images.


$('.zoomwizard').zoomwizard({ mode: 'window', windowstyle: 2, width: 250, height: 250, hidecursor: true, zoom: 4 });

Rich customization

ZoomWizard offers you three different zooming modes and you can also have an option for every detail of the plugin. Check out the demos below to see the different zooming modes.

Easy to use

ZoomWizard comes with detailed documentation explaining you how to use the plugin and what every option does. All you need to do is make an image and call the jQuery plugin!


ZoomWizard has a tiny footprint and will not impact the performance of your website.

More demos

$('.zoomwizard').zoomwizard({ mode: 'inner', margin: 20, zoom: 4 });
$('.zoomwizard').zoomwizard({ mode: 'controls', slider: true, movegizmo: true, zoombuttons: true, maxzoom: 4, autohide: false, controlstyle: 5, animated: true });

Where to buy

ZoomWizard is available exclusively on