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Hotspot Map

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"There is no spoon."

I'm a visible, normal "spot".

P.S. This is one good looking coffee...


Sugar is the generalised name for a class of sweet-flavored substances used as food. They are carbohydrates and as this name implies, are composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

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Spoon handle.


This is an example for a visible, rectangular "spot".

There are other spots on the map, just explore!

Hint: coffee beans!

Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean

Powerful Editor

You don't need to manually specify coordinates and dimensions of each spot on the image. It's all visual – click to add a spot, or click and drag to draw a rectangle. Then dial the settings, click "Generate" and you will see a preview of the final result!

Different kinds of spots

Using the editor you can create four different types of spots – a simple circular "spot" with fixed width and height, a rectangular one for which you choose the dimensions, or an invisible version of each one.

Popup boxes

This plugin is built from the ground up with flexibility in mind. For each individual popup box you can specify a fixed or fluid width, and a position of the box – top, bottom, left or right. All this gives you a lot of flexibility to build exactly what you need!

Try the editor

Global Settings

Show tooltips on:
This option determines how the user will trigger the tooltips - when he clicks on the spot, when he hovers the mouse over it, or the tooltips will be visible all the time. This is not active in the content builder.
If this is checked, the widget will be as wide as it's parent, while still preserving the image ratio. If not checked, the widget's size will be as the size of the image.

Selected Spot Settings

Spot visibility:
Determines the visibility of the spot. If set to "invisible", the user will not know that there is a spot, unless he triggers it.
The spot will not look the same in the final product as it looks in the content builder.
Tint Color:
Tooltip width:
If you need a fixed value for the tooltip set a number in pixels (without "px") in the text field. If you don't, then check "Auto".
Popup position:
Choose where you want the popup to appear, relative to the spot that it belongs to.

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