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Annotator Pro

Easy image annotations, tooltips and zooming.


Powerful Editor

Annotator Pro comes with a fully featured editor that you can use to customize the plugin. Get instant previews and tweak the settings until it's just right.

Smooth Pan & Zoom

If you image needs to have zooming, Annotator Pro deliveres incredibly natural, physics-based panning and zooming. No need to click buttons, just use your mouse.

Mobile Ready

When it comes to mobile devices, Annotator Pro really shines. Navigating is smooth like in a native app, the fullscreen mode is handy for small screens and it's responsive.

More Features

Deep Linking

Point your users to the right location on your image using deep linking. The editor will generate the URLs for each annotation that you create.

Fullscreen Mode

Give your users the option to take a closer look. With the editor you can enable fullscreen support for a fully immersive experience.

Smart Annotations

You don’t need to worry about the size of the annotations, but you can still set a specific size if you need to. The plugin will also make sure they never go off-screen.

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Where to buy

Annotator Pro is available exclusively on